Create A Trendy Kitchen Table With A Tree From Your Yard
Posted by lumberedrich, 12/19/2017 11:22 am

A new trend popping up lately is tables with a live edge. The table tops are made from a slice of a tree and are sealed to protect them from everyday spills. While the tables can be expensive to purchase, a homeowner might be able to make one from a fallen tree in their yard.

Almost Any Tree Will Do

The homeowner should check with a lumber mill in Baltimore County to find out the sizes they can cut. There is a maximum and minimum size mills will accept so the tree will fit in their machines properly. Once they know this size, the homeowner can choose a fallen tree in their yard or one they were going to have cut down anyway to be cut for their table.

Talk to the Lumber Mill About the Details

The person should make sure they know how thick they want the table to be. One to three inches thick is standard, but the thicker the table top is, the heavier the table will be. Thicker wood will require stronger legs to ensure the table stands properly.

Have the Wood Cut to Size

The lumber mill will cut the tree to the right thickness for the homeowner. They can then have it cut to the right length and width or do this on their own. The homeowner might want to find out what they can do with the remaining wood from the tree as well because the table top will only take a small portion of the tree to make.

Make the Table

Once the homeowner has the table top at home, they'll need to connect it to the legs and ensure it is level. They will likely want to add a protective coating to ensure it is protected from all sorts of spills during use. The most common type of sealant for this is a polyurethane or polyacrylic coating. Once the coating has fully cured, homeowners can start to use the table.

If you'd like to have a trendy live edge table for your dining room but don't want to spend thousands of dollars for it, try contacting a lumber mill and asking about having one of your trees cut to the size you need. Contact Edrich Lumber today for more help.

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